Get behind the wheel of your very own 2016 Mazda CX-3 for the first time and you will want to keep it looking and feeling like new. The best way to achieve this goal is to take proper care of your crossover, following up with regular maintenance and washing it regularly. Choosing the right accessories can also help you maintain the appearance and performance of your Mazda. Follow these tips and your CX-3 will look new for years to come.

Buy Protective Accessories

The right accessories can make a significant difference in keeping your Mazda looking like new. A little bit of protection can go a long way in keeping the value of your vehicle when you want to sell it. On the exterior, add some mud guards to help protect the area by the wheels from dirt and debris degrading the body. This accessory may be known as mud guards, but it can also protect your CX-3 from rocks and other debris. Body side moldings can protect the door from scratches, dings, and nicks. You can also protect the exterior with the hood guard, the rear bumper guard, and the scuff plates. These are also to protect against debris damaging the body.

There are even accessories to help you keep the inside of our Mazda CX-3 in perfect condition. The premium floor liners are custom-fitted and keep the floor of your crossover safe. They even have anti-skid fiber technology and a stylish appearance. If you prefer, add the all-weather mats to minimize damage from snow, mud, or rain. Protecting your interior floors will help the cabin maintain an overall clean appearance.

Touch It Up

Invest in the touch up paint pen from Mazda and you will never have to worry about tiny nicks on the exterior paint job again. Because the paint pen comes from Mazda, it will perfectly match your exterior, regardless of the color you chose. This will help to insure the damage is well concealed when you finish a repair.

Get Seat Covers

Seat covers may seem like an odd idea when you consider the premium interior of the CX-3. Keep in mind, however, that they can do wonders in terms of protecting your seats. If you have a model with the premium cloth, leather, or leatherette upholstery, consider just keeping the seat guards on hand. Use them when you bring children or pets along in your car. An alternative is to simply keep a blanket in the cargo area and use it the same way. Just a simple layer over your seats can protect them from every day damage.

Keep it Clean

Finally, you want to make an effort to keep your Mazda CX-3 clean. Regularly remove trash from your vehicle, vacuum the interior, and wash the exterior. Don’t forget to occasionally add a coat of wax as well.

If you need more information or help with finding specific accessories stop in your Mazda dealership and they will help.




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