Living in a cold climate can actually cause damage to your Mazda CX-3 if you aren’t careful. However, with the right maintenance and care you can prevent some of the trouble. There are plenty of risks associated with snow, ice, and cold temperature, but you can do some things to reduce the damage to your vehicle. You will find plenty of official Mazda accessories that will keep your CX-3 running during the coldest weather and ensure that you are comfortable year round. Take the following measures and accessories into account for instance.

Protecting Your Car

Mud guards may have the word mud in their description, but they can actually protect your CX-3 from anything, not just mud. Debris, rocks, and other items can easily scratch your crossover’s finish, but the guards prevent this from happening by blocking the debris. They can also decrease the amount of road salt or snow that gets on your vehicle’s exterior, helping minimize damage. Preventing a large amount of salt from bouncing into your car’s frame can drastically reduce the amount of damage it gets from rust. The body side moldings can perform a similar function along the side of your vehicle. You can also add scuff plates, a rear bumper guard, or a hood guard. With these additional features, the exterior of your Mazda CX-3 will be well protected. This protection will help the body maintain its sleek and stylish appearance should you decide to sell your vehicle.

The engine block heater is almost a necessity depending on what part of Canada you live in. This accessory keeps your engine warm regardless of the temperature so you don’t have to worry about it failing due to cold. This extra protection can make the difference between you making it into work or being stranded at home.

Staying Comfortable

Remote Engine Start may simply seem like a convenience, but when winter comes you will start to truly appreciate it. This accessory lets you start your Mazda’s engine from up to 300 feet away. Use it to let your crossover start to heat up before you get inside, saving you several minutes of shivering in the cold. There is also the option of Mazda Mobile Start which lets you start your car from your smartphone. This option will also allow the engine to warm up before driving off. This can help to save wear and tear on your vehicle over time.

Maximizing Safety

Safety is a concern year-round but during the cold weather, it requires more effort. The LED fog lamps are perfect for seeing through the snow that usually comes with cold winters. You can also opt for all-weather mats inside your CX-3 so your feet don’t slip around inside on a wet floor.

For a closer look at the different options to select from, stop by your local Mazda dealer. A professional team member can walk you through different features and help you select what is right for you.




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