i-ELOOP technology is the brake energy regeneration system available on various models across the Mazda lineup. This system works to reduce fuel consumption by taking advantage of the energy created when your Mazda decelerates. It takes the kinetic energy that occurs during this process and converts it into electricity, which it then stores to use later on. Then, your Mazda CX-3 or other model takes advantage of this electricity to power electrical equipment such as climate control, headlights, or the audio system. By providing electricity to power these devices, the engine doesn’t need to convert as much fuel to electricity, decreasing gas consumption and boosting fuel economy.


2016 Mazda CX-3 Safety and i-ELOOP Mechanisms


There are two main mechanisms at play in i-ELOOP on the CX-3 and other Mazda models. The first occurs when you release the accelerator to decelerate your model. At this time, instead of simply letting the kinetic energy go to waste like it does in most vehicles, the i-ELOOP system recaptures it via a high-performance alternator that is driven by the tires of the Mazda rotating at this time. This energy becomes electricity through the alternator and is then stored in a special capacitor.


The second mechanism steps into action when you accelerate your vehicle to improve your engine’s efficiency. As soon as you hit the accelerator again, the alternator will turn off and the capacitor starts providing electronic components, such as the audio system and other features mentioned above, with their necessary electricity. This means that the engine doesn’t have to produce electricity while making your Mazda CX-3 move forward, boosting your fuel economy.


2016 Mazda CX-3 Safety and i-ELOOP Components


The i-ELOOP components were all designed with 2016 Mazda CX-3 safety in mind to boost efficiency without putting you at risk. The variable voltage alternator will respond to charges of the voltage level within the capacitor and is able to automatically vary the voltage between 12 and 25 volts depending on the situation. This lets it smoothly transfer the electricity to the i-ELOOP system’ capacitor.


There is an electric double layer capacitor that stores electricity like a battery does, but because it doesn’t require any chemical reactions, it is able to safely dissipate large amounts of electricity at a time. The DC/DC converter works to convert the electricity voltage from the capacitor of up to 25 volts to the 12 volts needed to supply your Mazda’s electric components. There is also a 12-volt battery at play and an i-ELOOP indicator in your Multi Information Display. This indicator shows the amount of energy regenerated, the amount of charge left in the system’s capacitor, and the energy flow of charging and discharging.


i-ELOOP in the CX-3


At the moment, the various 2016 Mazda CX-3 safety technologies don’t include the i-ELOOP system as an option. It is, however, available on multiple other Mazda models, indicating that it will probably spread to the CX-3 in the near future. For now, the compact size and SkyActiv systems in the CX-3 provide it with great fuel economy that will almost make drivers think they are already experiencing the benefits of the i-ELOOP system.




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